DiEM25 currently has more than 123000 members in more than 195 countries and territories. Here are some of them.


Ci, którzy nie chcą niczego zmieniać, stracą to, co chcą zachować.

‐ Sylwester Bialczak, doradca firmowy (IT)

Because another world is not only possible but urgently necessary. And to build it we all need each other, beyond any frontier, fighting and fraternally building a future that will excite us and make us proud of this project.

‐ Jon E. Illescas

Because I am convinced that the important matters, as human rights, the fair distribution of wealth, environment and consumer protection or military safety, can only be handled in an efficient and self-determined way by a united Europe.

‐ Michael Demuth, Lawyer

We are very accustomed with the word UPDATE. We update systems onto a daily basis because we want our devices to be efficient. So why not updating our democracies? I see DiEM25 as the latest political operating system. We should embrace it. Download it.

‐ LUCA Dhyano ANGIUS, grassroots activist

Europe has become prisoner of a democratization and legitimization process that excludes large parts of the European population, as it is proved by the high percentages of electoral abstention and DiEM25 is a movement to represent these parts.

‐ Georgios Chatzivamvakis, MA Conflict, Development and Security

I hope DiEm can unite all the movements which try to protect the democracy. It would be so important.

‐ Christian Sauter