DiEM25 har i øjeblikket mere end 123000 medlemmer i mere end 195 lande. Her er nogle af dem.


We are very accustomed with the word UPDATE. We update systems onto a daily basis because we want our devices to be efficient. So why not updating our democracies? I see DiEM25 as the latest political operating system. We should embrace it. Download it.

‐ LUCA Dhyano ANGIUS, grassroots activist

Democracy is my god, and equality is my Jesus.

‐ Petar Hršak, activist

I am a passionate European citizen who has felt truly saddened and disillusioned with the direction that Europe is taking. Diem25 allows all European citizens to have their opinion be really counted and to impact the direction of their Europe.

‐ Ciarán Thornton, grassroots activist

Made Europe, we must make europeans.

‐ Anita Likmeta

Democracy and universality, free flow of information. Dialogue.

‐ Leif Magne Tangen, grassroots activist

For a peaceful Europe on the basis of transparency, democracy and just economics. Against national movements and neo-liberal globalization as well. And to initiate processes of just economy and worth living peaceful relations in all countries.

‐ Peter Rödler