DiEM25 har i øjeblikket mere end 130000 medlemmer i mere end 195 lande. Her er nogle af dem.


When the world moves increasingly further to the extreme right, leading to the claim that political correctness is the cause of everything that is going wrong in our societies, we need a progressive movement in Europe as Diem25.

‐ Adrian Corobana, lawyer

Because if we don't democratize Europe, soon there will be no Europe

‐ Kostas Vassiliadis, Independent Consultant

I trust in self-efficacy and participation based on political education and I fight for a ground-breaking movement towards a united and diverse Europe!

‐ Regina Gruber, Aktivist DSC Wien

Without a progressive, cohesive and strong liberal Europe we will slip further towards a divisive, introvert, nationalistic Europe. The progressive movement must design and sell a better vision, one that we can all work towards in an organised way.

‐ Clive West, grassroots activist

I'm not religious, but I have a lot of faith in youth. However, we must all act now. Europe succumbs, a result of the lack of democratic rules especially in the governing bodies. Or perhaps never truly born ... Europe is possible!

‐ Rita Isabel Isidro, grassroots activist

The nation-state holds no conclusion for contemporary global problems. Capital without borders needs a counter-movement without borders

‐ Jan Haisch, grassroots activist