DiEM25'in şu anda 195 ülke ve bölgede 123000den fazla üyesi bulunmaktadır. Bunlardan bazıları şunlar.


I am an experienced farmer. Agriculture and food production & delivery policies are critical for both the environment and human health. Farmers and consumers must have a voice in Europe. We need to raise awareness in Europe. We need a new food plan.

‐ Suzanne Alexander, attivista di base

I believe the united we can transform capitalism system into a system that works for the many and not for the few.

‐ Kristain Zara, grassroots activist

DiEM25 presents a powerful, innovative, inclusive, vision to respond to the social, economic, cultural and political crisis that Europe and World are facing today and to expand the hope for a better tomorrow.

‐ Yunus Arikan, expert on climate policies and global governance of sustainability

For a peaceful Europe on the basis of transparency, democracy and just economics. Against national movements and neo-liberal globalization as well. And to initiate processes of just economy and worth living peaceful relations in all countries.

‐ Peter Rödler

Because another world is not only possible but urgently necessary. And to build it we all need each other, beyond any frontier, fighting and fraternally building a future that will excite us and make us proud of this project.

‐ Jon E. Illescas

I am a passionate European citizen who has felt truly saddened and disillusioned with the direction that Europe is taking. Diem25 allows all European citizens to have their opinion be really counted and to impact the direction of their Europe.

‐ Ciarán Thornton, grassroots activist