DiEM25 heeft op dit moment meer dan 123000 leden in meer dan 195 landen en gebieden. Hier zijn enkele van hen.


I´m for another europe, a democratic europe from below. People must be in focus not the profit

‐ Thomas Mitsch, retail merchant, freelance journalist and book author

I believe the united we can transform capitalism system into a system that works for the many and not for the few.

‐ Kristain Zara, grassroots activist

Democracy and universality, free flow of information. Dialogue.

‐ Leif Magne Tangen, grassroots activist

When I read for 1st.time something about this movement, where Varoufakis has been one of the main arquitects, I met a coincidence between the ideaI I always had of Europe and the principles of DiEM25. I was not alone anymore. Let's build the new Europe.

‐ Domenico D'Eusanio, grassrots activist

DIEM25 is important to me because it makes me feel comfortable and in good company in the daily battle for a more egalitarian world.

‐ Furio Barzon, grassroots activist

I am an experienced farmer. Agriculture and food production & delivery policies are critical for both the environment and human health. Farmers and consumers must have a voice in Europe. We need to raise awareness in Europe. We need a new food plan.

‐ Suzanne Alexander, attivista di base