DiEM25 má v současnosti více než 130000 členů ve více než 195 zemích. Tady jsou někteří z nich.


Zavedené (tradiční) politické strany neusilují o demokratisaci Evropské unie. A i pokud ve svém programu něco podobného deklarují, žádná strana nevykazuje skutečné úsilí o institucionální změny nezbytné k tomu, aby se občané s EU skutečně ztotožňovali.

‐ Jan Kopecký (Vídeň/Praha)

Estamos viviendo una serie de crisis que implican quees clave la solidarid más allá de las fronteras del estado nación. No solo reformar sino transformar a Europa ya es una necesidad, y trabajar con otros mediante DiEM25 ofrece esa oportunidad.

‐ Nick Morgan

The dream of a Europe unit, as suggested by Spinelli, Schuman, Adenauer, De Gasperi and the other founding fathers can not and must not be broken. We are living difficult times but right now we have to rediscover the value of being together.

‐ CARLO ALBANESE,I am a doctor of economics, active on environmental issues and the green economy

When I read for 1st.time something about this movement, where Varoufakis has been one of the main arquitects, I met a coincidence between the ideaI I always had of Europe and the principles of DiEM25. I was not alone anymore. Let's build the new Europe.

‐ Domenico D'Eusanio, grassrots activist

Because if we don't democratize Europe, soon there will be no Europe

‐ Kostas Vassiliadis, Independent Consultant

In this time of increasing authoritarianism, technocratic elitism and "manufactured consent", the only sensible counter-force seems to be a movement for democratisation that transcends artificial borders and gives everybody a voice.

‐ Wessel Reijers, Philosophy Student