DiEM25 currently has more than 128000 members in more than 195 countries and territories. Here are some of them.


After forty years of fighting neo-liberalism, the left needs to stand for something other than opposition. With DiEM25, progressives across the globe can come together and unite not just against climate change and austerity, but for a renewed Europe.

‐ Jacob Marshall, grassroots youth activist

Democracy starts in the home, locality, community, region, national state, and this European Union. I have never seen as many policies that I instantly agreed and aligned to. The time to evolve politically and peacefully is now. That's what and why DiEM25

‐ James Doyle, grassroots activist

I am an experienced farmer. Agriculture and food production & delivery policies are critical for both the environment and human health. Farmers and consumers must have a voice in Europe. We need to raise awareness in Europe. We need a new food plan.

‐ Suzanne Alexander, attivista di base

We are very accustomed with the word UPDATE. We update systems onto a daily basis because we want our devices to be efficient. So why not updating our democracies? I see DiEM25 as the latest political operating system. We should embrace it. Download it.

‐ LUCA Dhyano ANGIUS, grassroots activist

I hope DiEm can unite all the movements which try to protect the democracy. It would be so important.

‐ Christian Sauter

DiEM25 presents a powerful, innovative, inclusive, vision to respond to the social, economic, cultural and political crisis that Europe and World are facing today and to expand the hope for a better tomorrow.

‐ Yunus Arikan, expert on climate policies and global governance of sustainability