DiEM25 currently has more than 120000 members in more than 195 countries and territories. Here are some of them.


When I read for 1st.time something about this movement, where Varoufakis has been one of the main arquitects, I met a coincidence between the ideaI I always had of Europe and the principles of DiEM25. I was not alone anymore. Let's build the new Europe.

‐ Domenico D'Eusanio, grassrots activist

Democracy starts in the home, locality, community, region, national state, and this European Union. I have never seen as many policies that I instantly agreed and aligned to. The time to evolve politically and peacefully is now. That's what and why DiEM25

‐ James Doyle, grassroots activist

Human Rights, Internationalism and e-Democracy.

‐ Brieuc-Yves (Mellouki) Cadat-Lampe, active citizen from Amsterdam #CityMakers

While I was reading "Adults in the room", a strong interest in active politics came back to me. I fell in love with this new political vision, combined with precise analytical skills, trust in people, great energy, speed of thought and execution.

‐ Andrea Bolioli

Without democracy, this world will cease to exist. We must join hands and re-establish democracy!

‐ Erik Rooze, grassroots activist

Our democrativ system in Europe needs to evolve for it to be more effective and alluring than the pseudo-simple offerings of the right. Let's design a European democracy that is transparent, fair for all humans and agile enough to face the future.

‐ Alexander Zacherl, Game Designer & Entrepreneur