DiEM25 currently has more than 135000 members in more than 195 countries and territories. Here are some of them.


We are very accustomed with the word UPDATE. We update systems onto a daily basis because we want our devices to be efficient. So why not updating our democracies? I see DiEM25 as the latest political operating system. We should embrace it. Download it.

‐ LUCA Dhyano ANGIUS, grassroots activist

Made Europe, we must make europeans.

‐ Anita Likmeta

Because if we don't democratize Europe, soon there will be no Europe

‐ Kostas Vassiliadis, Independent Consultant

Educate yourselves because we'll need all your intelligence. Stir yourselves because we'll need all your enthusiasm. Organize yourselves because we'll need all your strength.

‐ Alberto Nieto. Philosopher, Political Scientist, Activist

Democracy is my god, and equality is my Jesus.

‐ Petar Hršak, activist

Without a progressive, cohesive and strong liberal Europe we will slip further towards a divisive, introvert, nationalistic Europe. The progressive movement must design and sell a better vision, one that we can all work towards in an organised way.

‐ Clive West, grassroots activist